Perfect Timing (If We Run)

by Hazing

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Zack Alvey at Covenant Studios.
All rights reserved Hazing 2014.


released August 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Hazing Kansas City, Kansas

Brennan - Guitar
Ed - Vocals
JoJo - Drums
Josh - Bass

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Track Name: Even The Mona Lisa Is Falling Apart
Pray this void is just a phase
'Cause I can't feel myself these days
I wandered fields of fire until my soul burnt out
Now I'm lost in satan's maze

Take my apathy and blame it on the rain
Hide the devil from my brain
Hide the devil from my brain
Take my broken voice, remind me how to sing
Lately all we do is scream
Lately all we do is scream
To feel anything

Fuck these ever-changing lights
I still can't fall asleep most nights
I built these walls to keep it safe inside my head
But I'm so tired of black and white

Hide the devil
(I'm the devil)
Hide the devil from my brain
Lately all we do is scream
Track Name: Ghost Runner at Home
now by a show of hands how many times did you put your hands on me
and did it hurt to try to justify your insecurities
as every reason for the lost and lonely life you love to lead
i see you every fucking day
we pass each other silently

so rape me
destroy me
just nail my heart against your wall
degrade me
control me
at least i know it's not my fault

i understand that no one's perfect
i comprehend my crimes and faults
but i stand here proud of the fact that i'll never walk where you've walked
broken family
understand me
i've got just what you need
god damn she fell for the lies
tears in her eyes
in the end love always dies

as i stare out at the moon
from the window in my room
all the stars seem to consume
every aching in my wounds
as i stare out at the moon
from the window in my room
this will all be over soon
this will all be over soon
Track Name: Full Swing
ignore the signs
we'll die in here
close all the blinds
disguise my fear
this house is haunted
it suits me well
it's what I wanted
I chose this hell

so if you dream about me often
just know you're haunting my nightmares too
now as you sleep inside your coffin
just know someday i'll come back for you

collect my head
then change my mind
i'll stay in bed
'cause i can't find
the sense in waiting
for time to stop
your voice is fading
it's all i've got

and if tomorrow you don't know me
please know i don't recognize myself
i'll let the bottle kill me slowly
'cause i can't do this without your help

someday i'll come back for you
my time is overdue
disaster is in full swing
i can't feel anything